Grant Application 2019 – 2020 – Deadline 9 October 2019


Application form :

2019 -20 grant application form blank

Policy :

SAPC Grant Policy 2019

Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council has a limited budget to make grants on a discretionary basis, to voluntary organisations and community groups that provide services that benefit the economic, environmental and/or social wellbeing of residents of the Parish of Stanstead Abbotts. This includes, but is not limited to:

 Capital grants for equipment
 Revenue grants to pay running costs and salaries
 Funding for events
 Funding for projects

In deciding on the allocation of grants, the Parish Council will consider the financial status of the organisation/group and who in the community will benefit from the grant.

Applicants will be required to complete a form to provide information in support of the application.

Or if for you have difficulty downloading the form, it can be obtained from the Clerk e mail address

Please e-mail completed forms to the clerk.

Deadline for submission of applications for 2018 -19 is Wednesday 7th November2018. Grants will be considered and allocated in the Parish Council Meeting on 15th November 2018.

J. Fleming

Clerk of the Council

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